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Sunday Scaries

It's that day again. The day before your co-workers ask "How was your weekend" without caring about the answer and quickly jumping to what projects are due ASAP.

Don't spend time thinking about your future projects or how you should edit the response on what you actually did this weekend to be more PG...Heres what we think you should do on this scary day....

1) Sleep Through It

Snooze that alarm and enjoy waking up whenever you'd like and maybe without your job...if you're lucky

2) Drink Through It

Sunday Funday is the antithesis of the Sunday Scary epidemic. If the Sunday Scaries haven't hit yet, you're in luck, theres still a chance. Call a few dogs and head down to the local watering hole to get yourself a couple Coors Latte's. Lubricate the scaries until further notice. If you start early, you'll likely be in bed by 9pm. Perfect.

3) Float Through It

If you have the pleasure of living in a pot legalized state, use your right and eddiblize yourself for the day (responsibly of course). Take a little THC to calm you down and let the good times roll - laugh a little, lay a little, stay a while. Most dispensaries will even deliver to your door.

4) Channel Your Inner Ghandi

If you're not really feeling the whole social life and bottomless mimosa's move, then download a meditation app. Calm and headspace are good ones that give a good amount of content for free. Get that breathing in check and exhale the worries from this coming week.

5) Work Through The Weekend

Get a head start on the pressing things you're worried about. I guess you can't have a Sunday Scary moment if it's always Monday. The saddest.

6) Eat Your Feelings

Reward yourself for only having 10 drinks on Saturday or for not asking the Uber driver to make a quick detour through the Tacobell drive thru. Make a conscious and responsible decision. Uber eats and ramen can really make dreams come true on days like this.

Ramen Yourself, You're Worth It.


Winter is coming, time to cuddle up and chill. Nothing says chill like a FORT. This can be combined with the floating or Ghandi movement to really centralize your vibes.

8) Binge Watch Reality TV show or Drama Series

There's nothing better than watching people having meltdowns on national TV or watching a suspenseful triller. Catch up on the Love Island UK series or any new Netflix original series. All will numb your brain from whats to come in your own series.

9) Cry in the shower

Take a nice long warm shower/bath - CBD bath balms are awesome and let out your feels. Releasing emotion will tire you out and you'll be nice and clean and ready for bed. Just remember you wanted to be an adult. Here we are.

10) Self Care Day

If its REALLY bad and none of the above has helped....take a mental health day and choose LIFE

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