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The Getaway , Running Springs, CA

I am not one for Fads but Lil Machete talked me into this one. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Located in Running Springs, CA. This tiny home and idea for a tiny home seems to be ingenious. Only 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Los Angeles it is an easy weekend trip, or even day trip.

The whole purpose of this tiny home, is to relax and enjoy nature without technology. Sounds fucking therapeutic right? Daily Double: It is fucking therapeutic. If you are a real asshole like myself, make sure you have backup technology in case you are there when there is a campfire ban in place.

If you are into the idea of cooking your own meals, enjoying a winter wonderland without technology, and drinking around a fire pit then get ready to have your socks rocked. The cabin comes equipped with a fire pit , a stove top, refrigerator, and full bathroom. No worries about temperature as there is a state of the art a/c unit and heater.

"You wanna see the inside, Ill show ya later" - Biggie Smalls

First of all, this photo I took does not do the view any justice. I actually began singing "America The Beautiful" when I saw the "Purple Mountain Majesties" it legitimately brought out my patriotism.

Imagine laying down , while drinking a Coors latte and seeing shooting stars from this view. If that sounds anything but good to you, I don't want to be your friend.

Views from the beer cup in the mountains SUP.

Protip: Make sure to bring lots of booze, snacks, and food. Nothing better than drinking around a fire pit in the serenity of this winter wonderland.

Now lets get to what there is to do.

Skypark, Santas Village, Lake Arrowhead

While driving aimlessly through the mountains and asking for recommendations, Machete and I found out about "Skypark" the mountain peoples amusement park. This place is bad ass. They have every rednecks and nonrednecks dream of attractions, ice skating, archery, axe throwing, ziplining, and various pubs.

Definitely check this place out. Ive never gone ice skating, then shot bows and arrows, threw axes, and topped it off with an Irish coffee before in my life. Let me tell you... FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

LouEddie's Pizza , Skyforest, CA

This place FUCKS. Some of the best pizza I have had the pleasure of eating on the west coast (C'mon yall, NY is just different). The pizza was incredible. When you pull in off of the highway, you are greeted with a view of a wooden cabin, which is the pizzeria, on the floor below it is a bar with all kinds of craft beer. What you are looking at here, this is the back patio that is surrounded by panoramic views of a forest on the side of a cliff. Everything about this place is magical, from the first bite of your pizza, to the first sip of your whateverthefuck IPA while staring at the snow and the forest. Defo a Reco


Now go see for yourself!



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