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West Coast Road Trip (LA-Vancouver)

Machéte and I went on a west coast road trip, driving from Los Angeles to Vancouver in the summer of 2018. I thought I would share some ideas for the real dogs who like the idea of being road warriors and sight seeing.

The road trip in total was two weeks round trip.


1. San Francisco, CA - (1 Night and 1 Day)

2. Sausalito, CA - (1 Day)

3. Canyonville, OR (1 Night)

4. Portland, OR (3 nights and 2 Days)

5. Seattle, WA (2 nights and 2 Days)

6. Vancouver, BC ( 3 Nights and 3 Days)

7. Canon Beach, Oregon ( 1 Night and 1 Day)

8. Lake Shasta, CA (1 Night and 1 Day)

9. Sonoma, CA ( 2 Nights and 2 Days)

1. First Stop San Francisco, CA

People always seem to fawn over San Francisco and New Yorkers love to think of it as a magical place that reminds them of New York on the West Coast. WRONG. NYC is immensely more vibrant and cleaner than this dump. However, good times and sights can be had if you put your mind to it. Dogs, always seem to have a good time and there are plenty of ways to spend time in SF that leaves you wanting more.

Fishermans Wharf

Head down to the Wharf, grab a bowl of clam chowder and a beer for the walk. (Vendors sell beers in brown bags to anyone with cash) enjoy the crowded pier and the sights.


San Francisco has a pluthera of beautiful vivid sights and parks. For all the dogs out there, go to "Dolores Park" for drinking in the sun and a nice picnic. Be wary of the homeless drug dealers selling all sorts of items (unless thats what you want).

Brunch - The Tipsy Pig (2231 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123)

Head on down to the "Tipsy Pig" for a boozy brunch. With an outside patio in the back and oldschool pub feel inside, there is no way to lose here. Keep the drinks flowing and the good times rolling. This location is centrally located to many good bars close by. I know my dogs will love this watering hole. Remember to stay hydrated.

Lombard Street

Lombard street is famous in San Francisco for picturesque moments. Be aware there is usually a line of cars trying to drive down it. If you can I would walk it as it is a lot less hectic.

2. Second Stop - Sausalito, CA

Once you've achieved your limit of dealing with garbage and crazy homeless people that may come after you with a sharp stick, drive to "Sausalito, CA". This is where a majority of the elite live to avoid the sanitation issues of the city. Its a beautiful drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, and into a forest. The community is on the beach, and there are lots of people riding bikes and enjoying the fresh air.

Scoma's - Sausalito , Ca

Scoma's has been around since 1965. It has stood the test of time and is right on the water in both Sausalito and fisherman's wharf. I prefer Sausalito as it is much cleaner and quieter. From the outside of Scoma's you can see across the water way looking at San Francisco and it is an amazing sight. There food is also tried and true. see for yourself below

What did I tell you eh?

3) Third Stop - Seven Feathers Casino - Canyonville, Oregon

As you may imagine the drive from San Francisco to Portland is quite long, 9.5 hours to be precise. We decided to break up the monotony of the road with a stop at the dog pound AKA the casino and resort. This hotel and resort was the only thing that seemed to be decent between Portland and San Francisco. It was fully booked weeks in advance, make sure to make a reservation ahead of time. With slots as far as the eye can see and $5 breakfast buffets there are no losers at the Seven Feathers Casino and resort. Not to mention, the second you enter Oregon you are surrounded by trees and natures as far as you can see.

3.5) Umpqua Hotsprings, OR

This destination is absolutely worth it. It is about 2.5 hours away from Portland in between Canyonville and Portland. Definitely worth the trip. It may seem ominous going through the mountains and forest for about an hour with no cell service. Then when you arrive there is a dirt road for about two miles (dont give up) once you find parking it is usually filled with other happy campers. Hike on up the side of the hill for approximately 10 minutes. Brace yourself, it is one of the most amazing sights you will ever see, take in the views of the river flowing below you while you sit in the natural hot springs and enjoy the forest.

4.) Portland, OR

One of my personal favorites from the trip, there is endless breweries, nature, and food. The city itself seemed very welcoming to all dogs.

Brewgroup PDX

We went on the brewgroup tour on the Portland river , where you get to bring your own beer and pedal a boat for an hour. It was a nice day, so this was a good way to take advantage of the sunshine while increasing the funshine.

Bagby Hot Springs

From the outside

From the inside

Bagby is a majestic destination. After having a few too many the night before, head down to these natural hot spring hot tubs, filled with natural spring water. In the middle of an hour hike into a lush green forest, nothing feels more relaxing. Get away and enjoy the summer or the winter in one of these tubs and soak in the good times.

Multnomah Falls

The picture says it all, it is located approximately half an hour outside of Portland. Check this place out.


Portland has incredible food and these two are my picks

Jakes Crawfish

Grab a cocktail and eat crawfish until your heart is content

I am hungry again.....

Next up to fat ... I mean bat - POK POK

Inside dining area (Let the gluttony begin)

Fish Sauce Wings (Classic)

Muu Kham Waan - Berkshire pork rubbed with garlic

Khao Soi Kay - Northern Thai curry noodle soup

In short.... there is no going wrong at "Pok Pok"

5.) Seattle , WA

(pictured Pike Market)

This is a great place to get a feel for Seattle. If you're lucky you will get to see some sun. For whatever reason I felt like this city was filled with nostalgia. The city itself was pretty quiet, with bars and restaraunts and an extraordinary view of Mt St Helens.

Space Needle (Must Do)

Machéte and I waited in line for 20-30 minutes and went straight to the top. Ordered a couple Guiness beers and enjoyed the view as any dog would. Drinking and sight seeing is the most exciting way to see any city.

M Bar - Rooftop

This place was the cats pajamas, overlooking the city in a chill environment and enjoying craft beer and cocktails. A true dog lookout.

Starbucks Reserve

Ever had a Starbucks mixed drink?

Strap on your coffee boots and your drinking legs.

I had two of these, and I was not sure If I was going to make it out alive. It seems as if you are in a chemistry class while drunk and higher than a kite off caffeine. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend.

Unicorn Bar

Into a wild night? Stop by the Unicorn bar and get fully off your rocker while being totally confused on whats happening. The vibrant oddities of this establishment are unlike anywhere else. Very fun to be 3-10 whiskeys deep and staring at all these colors and decorations.

Downstairs at the Unicorn Bar

Below deck, they also havae a full arcade, and karaoke. Great place to go with a group and get fully rocked. Enjoy.


Tavolata on Capital Hill

Happy hour at Tavolata is insane. This is $12 and is massive. Definitely one of my favorite restaraunts during the entire trip. Must Go, Must Eat, Must Go

6.) Vancouver, British Columbia

This was our favorite destination of the whole trip. We stayed in the Olympic Village, next to Gastown. I highly recommend staying in either of these destinations. Within walking distance there are infinite bars and restaurants that are phenomenal.

Hello Goodbye

This was a speakeasy located near our airbnb. It was tucked in a stairwell of another building. Finding the bar entrance was part of the fun, once inside you will definitely realize why its worth it. Strong drinks, good music, and perfect decor.

Kitsilano Beach

This place was incredible, a heated pool perfect for swimming. Machéte and I had a blast here. We of course brought a flask with us and may have been drinking in public while also not being Canadian citizens (dicey). Jokes aside, it was about $10 in total to get in. The cost was well worth it, swimming in a pool next to the ocean is an unmatched experience. Dont forget to bring some roadies.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Try to avoide the line, this bridge has incredible views and really puts you in with the nature time. Do this and you wont have to lie to your family and friends that you did more than just be a degenerate drunk in Canada.


French Fries, Gravy and Cheese

When you're in Vancouver absolutely get yourself some poutine as often as possible.

I could go on and on forever about the greatness of Vancouver, but I'll let you decide how great it is for yourself.

7. Canon Beach, Oregon

The beauty of Canon beach is unmatched and to get here... you have to drive through a trove of massive lush green trees and cross this interstate bridge from Washington to Oregon below which is a treat in itself

Interstate bridge WA - OR

Irish Table - Canon Beach

Tucked away, in a small shopping center lay "Irish Table" the smell and small town feel allured us to one of our favorite meals of the trip. Prime rib and mashed potatoes were incredible. Also, being near the ocean there was a fish stew that was unmatched by no other taste.

Pelican Brewery

After a long drive from Vancouver to Canon Beach, we decided it was time to grab a cold one and enjoy the night time breeze fresh off the coast, highly recommend drinking near the beach.

8.) Lake Shasta, California

Having a friend who happened to be in Lake Shasta at the time we decided to take a stop here and enjoy the nature.

We stopped at another lake as well below and hangout with the locals.

Lake Siskiyou

This was serene, the weather was perfect, the coors latte's were cold as the rockys and the water was warm.

9.) Sonoma, California

Wine as far as the eye can see. Just waiting to be drunk. The vineyards , the weather, and the Machéte all marvelous. We stayed in a rustic farm airbnb in the middle of no where, luckily ubers were plentiful.


Cline Cellars

Their ancient vines carignan was one of the best wines I have ever tasted. Of course this part of the trip was more geared towards Machéte, but I definitely was not mad about being in nature and getting drunk....

Gundlach Bundschu

A German winery with class. This place had excellent bottles of Chardonnay for a fair price and had amazing views. The dogs were happy with this place.

Buena Vista

Our favorite by far. The venue was rustic, and had a touch of history, the employees were very knowledgeable and fed us charcuterie platters and an abundance of red wine. We even took home a few bottles and still have not uncorked them, we just can not decide when to drink such an exquisite bottle.

Of course we could not only do wineries....

Russian River Brewery

A classic well known brewery near Sonoma, was destined to be visited by us. Too bad we were driving, so we had to drink responsibly, but luckily we brought some home with us. Cant stop wont stop.


El Coqui

Yes, just yes. This Puerto Rican establishment is the only one I have witnessed on this side of the U.S. ALL TEAMS GO. WOOOOF

All ended with a beautfiul drive home and nonstop food. The following are stops, sights and food on the drive.

Big Sur

Our view driving home on the 1.

Carmel By The Sea

These views leave a dog panting.

Flahertys Seafood

Machéte and I can not resist a few good oysters. We stopped in hear and got a dozen, and one beer each. Not to mention a few fish tacos. Simply amazing and a perfect snack to break up the drive.

With not much room in our stomaches for another meal. We decided we had better make the last one count.

San Luis Obispo, California - Firestone

BBQ Tri Tip Sand which with spicy BBQ sauce, is unmistakably the best tri tip I have ever graced my mouth with.

I hope you enjoyed! Remember to bring your thirst and your hunger when traveling!

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